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Ranging from plant matter to mass produced souvenirs, Odds presents a collection of objects that artists hold dear. By investigating the relationship between the peripheral (and indispensable) materials that live with artists in their homes or studios, and their outward facing practices, Odds offers an insightful look into the creative process. Whether it be a withered root of fennel, a scale model of Notre Dame, repeating lines of code or a pair of wooden trousers, the eclectic range of objects brought together from around the world demonstrates the enthusiasm and openness of every artist involved.

For Odds I presented a framed image of a road sign which reads Basildon Road, which I have had in an old re-used frame for the last 5 years.
Around 2014 I moved back to my birth town of Basildon which subsequently led to myself working on the MORNING Project. I became fascinated in the history of my hometown, from The Plotlands to the New Town. I have spent some time viewing old maps of Basildon pre new town, and discovering erased road networks. During the process of walking to these lost roads, I found a road sign reading Basildon Road, which I was unaware existed. This single images marks a significant shift in my practice, and my personal pursuit to understand my hometown.

Photography by Joe and Charlotte