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Outpost Members Show 2021
Selected by Catalyst Arts

Shaun C. Badham | Charlie Barkus | Abi Charlesworth | Jamie George | Sophie Giller | Andy Hornett | Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer | Sandra Lane | Fernando León-Guiu | Natasha MacVoy | Benjamin McDonnell | Katherine Smith | Sid Smith

27 August - 3 October 2021

Title: I’M STAYING: Bristol Pound
Medium: Framed digital print
Size: 841 x 1189 mm
Date: 2015

I’M STAYING: Bristol Pound is a print consisting of overlapping scanned images of the Bristol Pound independent currency which has been stamped with the words I’M STAYING. The stamped currency was put back into circulation as an unsolicited intervention, which coincided with a travelling public neon sculpture (also reading I’M STAYING) which moved via democratic vote, quarterly around Bristol between 2014 and 16. The I’M STAYING project is ongoing.