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The Call of Home Inward videos attempt to explore numerous topics surrounding memory recall, notions of walking to remember, self archiving and nostalgia.

In 2019 I made it my ambition to return to every house/flat/area/town, which I have previously lived, each being a place of personal significance. During these visits I intended to explore active memory recall to facilitate the re surfacing of thoughts, lost memories, and ideas that have remained submerged in my memory bank.

In 2019 I was awarded a Firstsite Collectors Group Award from Firstsite Gallery in Essex, which enabled me to accomplish these journeys and spend time in each area. When I first started undertaking the project I became hyper focused on the houses I was visiting. Though while undertaking these trips it became apparent to me that the house was one component to a wider endeavour. I began walking further afield, for example with Bristol I began re visiting walking routes, other areas of personal significance such as old uni campus, old studios, old places of work, favourite park etc.

I used analogue photography and text to document and capture these return journeys and, the videos formed through an attempt at combing both mediums.
There is an inherent slowness to the videos, and how the images occasionally correlate with what is being said and sometimes not, this was to avoide the videos becoming merely a pictorial description. The collection of six videos are titled Inward

Bristol 5mins 6secs, 2019

Rotterdam 5mins 36secs, 2019

Alhaurin El Grande 7min 42secs, 2019

Essex 5min 25secs, 2019

Basildon 7min 35secs, 2019

London 6min 13secs, 2019