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Photo credit: Nick Turpin

As part of Nocturnal Creatures I presented The Will to Proceed, a tour which coincides with my on-going participatory project I’M STAYING. The I’M STAYING neon sculpture initially travelled around the city of Bristol for two and half years travelling via democratic vote. I'M STAYING arrived at Leadenhall Market in 2018 as part of the eighth edition of Sculpture in the City and will remain, for another year, for the ninth edition. In maintaining the democratic essence of the project, my tour required participants to vote repeatedly to determine the group’s movements throughout the tour. I started by describing two artworks to the group, while not revealing the artist's name, the artwork's title or the medium. I attempted to focus on the ideas behind the work and what feelings it instils, leaning more towards the poetic. The group then voted for which one of the two artworks they would like to visit. Once at the artwork, an informal group conversation was had about the sculpture's meaning, truths, and descriptive accuracy. This process repeated four times, throughout the tour.