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Terling, 2022

Land Barriers is an ongoing photographic series capturing public signs proclaiming an area, road, track, grounds are private.

The series takes its title from a 1959 article written by Ethel M. Edmunds for The Essex Countryside where Ethel explains all the physical barriers they overcome when traversing the Essex countryside, from red flags, notices, cattle, flooded roads, rivers, lack of transport and private land.

Fairstead, 2022

Cherry Orchard, Jubilee Country Park, 2022

Fairstead, 2022

Southend On Sea, 2022

Westcliff on Sea, 2022
Eastwood 2022

Rochford, 2022

Rochford, 2022

Colchester, 2022

Paglesham, Rochford, 2022

Paglesham, Rochford (2), 2022

Paglesham, Rochford (3), 2022

Brompton, London, 2022