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This Plot is Not for Sale
20 custom colour swatched green emulsion on marine plywood letters upon timber wooden frame with sandbag supports
L 380cm x H168cm (frame) plus H40cm (letters)

For The Old Waterworks August Open Studios 2022, I installed a sculpture reading This Plot is Not for Sale in the car park made up of 20 custom colour swatched greens from the Ivy in the TOW car park. The greens were put in tonal order making a gradient

This phrase is embedded in both protest placards from the plotland history to current day cultural groups and communities; who care, work and tend to local land even under precarious contexts of past, present or future land threats. There are many important projects and people, where the land itself or the land surrounding their building is intrinsic to the work they do. This was evident on The Open Studios and the role the TOW garden plays for both humans and nature who rely on the space, from the bee boxes, to studio holders Anna Lukala and Philippa Stewart who grow an array of dye plants, Emma Edmondson who makes handmade bricks in the car park, to An English Garden benches by Gabriella Hirst and Warren Harper, where many conversations are had.
We are all custodians of this land.