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Plot 1 to 42
Matt Emulsion on Linen Board, 50 x 40cm

Plot 43 to 84
Matt Emulsion on Linen Board, 50 x 40cm

Plot 85 to 126
Matt Emulsion on Linen Board, 50 x 40cm

Care Package
The Old Waterworks has recently produced a care package as part of a recent artist develpment project, which has been created by three studio artists: Shaun C Badham, Charlotte Hamilton and Philippa Stewart. Each care package is sent to support members of the community who are not able to attend our events in person. We believe that access to art is an important part of all our lives and we want to make sure people dont miss out because of inaccessible environments, caring responsibilities or vulnerable health conditions. 

For my care package I enclosed a handmade 20-piece colour chart composing of 19 custom greens which have been colour matched from The Old Waterworks, car park ivy. These greens were initially produced for a text-based sculpture reading This Plot is Not for Sale, presented tonally from light to dark. Each green was utilised for an individual letter and comes with its own unique code. You will be one of 20 people who will know these codes, and if you ever wanted to use any of these greens domestically or artistically you can take the code to a local Dulux and can get the green re-produced for yourself. Happy painting and making.