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In September 2016 I worked with Nina Humphrey on a memory walk around the North part of Victoria Park, the area she lived as a plotland child. As part of that walk we temporarily installed a road sign titled Alexandra Road.

During Nina's tour in Victoria Park she outlined that today you can still find remnants from the Plotland period. There are two wells now located in shrubbery, one was initially outside the kitchen of ‘The Retreat’ and the other was in the back garden of Pendennis. In the north west part of the park, as you head to Ford Dunton Technical Centre, you can find an old post which dates back to 1920. This post was part of the Farm House gate that was the entrance to the Richards Family dairy farm that was operational between 1919 to 1940s.

Nina and I spoke many times about permanently installing the road sign and creating an information lectern to highlight the plotland history in the park. In 2020 Essex Heritage agreed to fund the project and in June the lectern and road sign was installed. We will aim to host a mini reveal event later in the year.