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Plot: Barstable Cottage
Key Materials: Powder Coated Steel, Tree, Bench and Audio.

‘Barstable Cottage’ (Hotwater Lane) was the last home to exist in what is now Basildon Town Centre (M&S specifically). The cottage was occupied by The James Family before it was compulsory purchase ordered by Basildon Development Corporation. Plot: Barstable Cottage is the title of a proposed metal/audio sculptural installation, to be located in Basildon East Walk, not far from where the original stood pre Basildon New Town.

The sculpture presents the outline of the cottage as sort of suggestive ghostly stucture of the past. Though the sculpture takes a direct reference from the towns past history, it seems intent on responding to the changing futures, as the colours of the frame respond to the new east square cinema cladding such as orange for walls and bluey/grey for doors/windows and roof.

Plot: Barstable Cottage will have a tree planted in the centre, which over many years will gradually grow escaping the outline of the cottage and slowly changing the sculpture in itself. At the base of the tree will be seating designed around the trunk enabling people to sit inside.

The sculpture will be lit at night allowing it to be viewed in darkness. Inside the sculpture at the top of its apex roof will be a speaker facing down towards the seating in the centre playing an audio piece. The audio piece will consist of the older members of the community discussing personal memories associated with the area, history and heritage.